PendaForm, Plastic Fabricators



Fabri-Form has designed and developed over 1000 pallet configurations for a wide range of industries and uses.

Our plastic pallets are made from 100% recyclable material and can be used multiple times prior to being replaced. This leads to reduced purchase frequency and a reduction in overall cost.

Many of our footprints are nestable which saves space both in transit and in storage. Plastic typically weighs much less than wood which leads to reduced shipping costs and more efficient logistics.

Our mirror image pallets can serve as both pallets and covers, reducing the need to purchase multiple products. Shipping or moving heavier weights? We have pallets with steel reinforcement to avoid any deflection or failure.

Whether you need it to rack, stack or convey our team has the experience needed to supply you with a high quality product that can handle your logistical expectations.

No matter your industry, we have the pallet that fits your needs.

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